Found your gameboy at a garage sale, child. Had a copy of Green on it. Fess that's what made me look into the Pokémon world some, so apologies for all of that.

It's an interesting game you got there. Did you know they came out with remakes? Have you ever played them? Do they have gameboys in heaven or something? I never got to know your favorite trainer or gym master or whatever. There's a fairy type too. You always liked pretty pink things. I'm sorry I didn't get you more plushies. I just couldn't be in the house while your mother's around. But if it was to see you, to maybe see your smile just one more day, I'd tolerate any of her heckling, don't you forget it.

Sorry, it's nothing. I just left this letter here in the dirt that separates us because someone keeps taking them and sometimes I like to pretend that instead of maybe the wind, it's you.

Love you very much.

-Matsui Tohru