Mariko Yamazaki. Born 13 October ****.

Has an older sister, Miyako, and two parents.

Born and raised in the Sakura Ward of Saitama, Japan.

Sustained a spinal cord injury at birth, leaving her wheelchair-bound for the rest of her life.

Took to the internet from a young age, especially forums. Met Yasuaki there on a Japanese-language forum on a post about her desire to learn English.

Currently fluent in English.

Attending college in California as of ****.

Close with Sho Yamamoto from a young age. The two have been entwined with the history of the Foundation upon their "discovery" that the subject of a famous cold case, ħċĕø¡±úÜňÝũãÈěĨÓŪ¼ŋÌÃìşŠĒņżĝŗéÑĢÂąšÞĹôĎ£ŖæŜŴĜŮŝíĖ, is Yamamoto's relative. It is believed that this was hidden from Yamamoto as to distance him and his family from any groups possibly related to the incident for their own personal safety.

Mariko has since uncovered many things related to the history of the Foundation, and has referred to this process as her "life's work". Unbeknownst to Yasu himself, she believes in the spirits and has undergone extensive hypnosis and possibly a surgery to prevent any spirits from entering her mind.

Some may disagree, but I believe if we can assist her in telling the truth... we can finally have the JUSTICE we've longed for for YEARS.